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The Ultimate Dreamworker

Meet Ealing-born UK Open Mic performer The Ultimate Dreamworker:

The Ultimate Dreamworker

Hi The Ultimate Dreamworker, thanks for joining us! Let’s get into it:

Do you play solo only, or also in a group?


How old are you?


Where were you born?


Where did you grow up?

West London

How did that place influence your music? (if at all!)

Influenced the places that I go to listen to music as pose to genre

Where are you based now, and why?


What got you into making music in the first place?

I loved to pretend with friends that we were pop stars when in primary school but, to be honest as an adult it was for awhile the only way I knew how to express myself without appearing completely off the rails.

What instrument/s do you play?


Who would be in your top 10 musical influences, and why?

Kellis (love the attitude)
Kelly Rolland ( had her simply deep album on repeat)
TLC (loved the flow)
Pink ( love how she uses music to tell a story)
Christina Aguilera (love the passion and soulful tones)
Diane Warren ( love the songs she has written)
Phil Collins (music is euphoric)
Randy Crawford ( most distinctive and beautiful voice I have ever heard)
Avril Lavigne (first album I ever owed… inner grunge rock child era 😆)
Musical theatre (like ballads and storytelling and feeling through music)

Do you write your own songs?


How many years have you been writing songs for?

17 years

What process, or processes, do you often find yourself using when you write songs?

I write when I feel inspired or need to express an overwhelming feeling

Why did you get into playing them in the first place?

To showcase my songs

What advice would you give new performers who are just starting out playing their first open mics?

The more you perform the more you will become less nervous and always sing from the heart.

What’s the hardest thing, for you, about playing open mics?

Being seen as only a singer instead of a writer, it can become frustrating since I only sing to show my writing and express feelings. Sometimes I feel like in the past I have redirected into others peoples paths… Not all open mic places allow backing tracks so on occasions I do not perform my planned set for that evening and end up performing covers instead. The evening can be successful in terms of performance but I believe that allowing expression and being original is the most important thing in an open mic. I do wish more mic nights were not targeted just at players.

What’s the most bizarre, or fun, open mic, or gig, you’ve ever played, and why?

I performed at Kinky in freedom bar… the most diverse acts I had ever seen, were amazing hosts and talented performers, and even Broadway stars came to perform 🤩.

If it’s not already, are you hoping to make music your full-time career?


What do you currently find the hardest and biggest obstacles to moving your music career forward?

Getting more gig opportunities and Artist exposure.

What’s the one truth about you that people often find surprising?

I started singing live at 24.

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on at the moment?

Launching Second Ep and currently finishing penning up the next Ep/LP/ Album

Do you have your own music video, channel or playlist you’d like to share?

Do you have music on streaming? What’s you main streaming channel to send people to?

Where is the main place should people go to find out more about you?

What other sites/profiles should people go to to find out more about you?

RheaArtist : Instagram, TikTok

We’re done! Anything else you want to share before we go?

No thanks!

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