UK Open Mic


Meet London-born UK Open Mic performer, Phinyx:


Hi Phinyx, thanks for joining us! Let’s get into it:

Do you play solo only, or also in a group?


How old are you?


Where were you born?


Where did you grow up?


How did that place influence your music? (if at all!)

It didn’t

Where are you based now, and why?

North London

What got you into making music in the first place?

It’s something that’s in me. I have a need to create music. It’s a hunger that’s never satisfied or a thirst I’m dying to quench.

What instrument/s do you play?

Singing, Piano, Music Producer

Who would be in your top 10 musical influences, and why?

Mariah Carey, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd,
Billie Eilish, Banks, Sza, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone

Do you write your own songs?


How many years have you been writing songs for?

20 years

What process, or processes, do you often find yourself using when you write songs?

There isn’t an exact process, unfortunately. I could be listening to something or something happens & the melodies come to me & words sound out in my head & then I write it down, compose on piano and/or produce on Logic.
Sometimes I’m just jamming & messing around on the piano, harmonising & words come & I start to create. It’s different every single time

Why did you get into playing them in the first place?

To practice performing live for my gigs

What advice would you give new performers who are just starting out playing their first open mics?

Go for it. Sing for you & only you. Don’t worry about what people are thinking

What’s the hardest thing, for you, about playing open mics?

Anxiety & stage fright

What’s the most bizarre, or fun, open mic, or gig, you’ve ever played, and why?

When nobody was listening in a packed pub & it was the best feeling I’ve felt at an open mic.

If it’s not already, are you hoping to make music your full-time career?


What do you currently find the hardest and biggest obstacles to moving your music career forward?

Getting people to listen online, getting on playlists, getting fans

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on at the moment?

Film music.

Do you have music on streaming? What’s you main streaming channel to send people to?

Where is the main place should people go to find out more about you?

We’re done! Anything else you want to share before we go?

No thanks!

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