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Meet The Philippines-born UK Open Mic performer, Howie:


Hi Howie, thanks for joining us! Let’s get into it:

Do you play solo only, or also in a group?


How old are you?


Where were you born?

The Philippines

Where did you grow up?


How did that place influence your music? (if at all!)

I wasn’t influenced by the place but by the people.
My family is half Filipino and half Israeli and they’re originally from London.
I’ve always heard English R&B and pop music and grew up to all the greatest Motown songs despite the unpopularity of English music in Israel.
So all of that made me the artist that I am today.
I’m Howie.

Where are you based now, and why?

I’m always on the move I guess so but my heart will always belong to Israel and the Philippines.

What got you into making music in the first place?

It all started from a young age.
I grew up with such diverse cultures that I couldn’t pick up any language til the age of 9 and I started my guitar lessons at the age of 7 and also started to compose my music as well.
From the start my music was my only way to communicate and the only thing I can see doing for the rest of my life.

What instrument/s do you play?

Singing, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Beat Making

Who would be in your top 10 musical influences, and why?

Ray Charles
John Mayer
Michael Jackson
Marvin Gaye
Aretha Franklin
Bruno Mars
Ed Sheeran
Stevie Wonder

Do you write your own songs?


How many years have you been writing songs for?


What process, or processes, do you often find yourself using when you write songs?

It’s all about all I have to share at the current moment. It’s my way to get my words out.

How long have you been playing open mic nights?

Why did you get into playing them in the first place?

Because from the first time I was on a stage I got absolutely addicted to it. Any chance I have to sing I will take it.

What advice would you give new performers who are just starting out playing their first open mics?

No matter what, the show must go on!
If you messed up keep on doing what you love and sing it out!

What’s the hardest thing, for you, about playing open mics?

Can’t think of one I always love it

What’s the most bizarre, or fun, open mic, or gig, you’ve ever played, and why?

My favorite moments in an open mic that me and the other artist started to play for each other spontaneously and turned the open mic to a big jam session .

If it’s not already, are you hoping to make music your full-time career?


What do you currently find the hardest and biggest obstacles to moving your music career forward?

To find my audience

What’s the one truth about you that people often find surprising?

I’m super shy and introverted

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on at the moment?

Making collaborations with artist around the world

Do you have your own music video, channel or playlist you’d like to share?

Where is the main place should people go to find out more about you?

What other sites/profiles should people go to to find out more about you?


We’re done! Anything else you want to share before we go?

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