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Mister Richie

Meet London-born UK Open Mic performer Mister Richie:

Mister Richie

Hi Mister Richie, thanks for joining us! Let’s get into it:

Do you play solo only, or also in a group?


How old are you?


Where were you born?


Where did you grow up?


How did that place influence your music? (if at all!)

It influenced me to be myself and make music based on my environment and situation

Where are you based now, and why?


What got you into making music in the first place?

I was on the verge of getting expelled from school and I wasn’t good at football. I accidentally started making music because I was writing poems

What instrument/s do you play?

Rapping, Drums

Who would be in your top 10 musical influences, and why?

Jay z – the way he raps about the hustle and brags about having it Meek mill – the hunger Kendrick Lamar – the complex lyricism Chip – he was rapping when I was in primary school Skepta – the energy Wretch 32 – the conscious lyricism Giggs – he made UK rap cool and gritty and raw as it was too corny Snoop Dogg – he’s more than a rapper, he’s in movies , adverts , TV shows

Do you write your own songs?


How many years have you been writing songs for?


What process, or processes, do you often find yourself using when you write songs?

Sometimes I write songs to no beats, I will write a song based on my situation

How long have you been playing open mic nights?


Why did you get into playing them in the first place?

I wanted to work on the performance side of things especially my stage presence. A lot of artists don’t work on that part which is why they don’t do very well on the stage

What advice would you give new performers who are just starting out playing their first open mics?

Be yourself and be confident

What’s the hardest thing, for you, about playing open mics?

Talking in between songs , saying something from one song to the next

What’s the most bizarre, or fun, open mic, or gig, you’ve ever played, and why?

Ori Jam was the best open mic I played because I got to perform using live instruments with people I’ve never met before. It wasn’t rehearsed or choreographed, it was very natural

If it’s not already, are you hoping to make music your full-time career?


What do you currently find the hardest and biggest obstacles to moving your music career forward?

Marketing and promotion, nowadays everything is digital and fast. Music is consumed like Rustler’s burgers, quick and easy. Nobody wants to put the work in anymore

What’s the one truth about you that people often find surprising?

My tonsils got taken out when I was a kid and I didn’t say my first word until I was 3 or 4

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on at the moment?

I’m excited about releasing my first mixtape. I’ve been working on it for 3 years. By the time you’re reading this, it should be fully complete and ready to go. After that, I have a garage song up my sleeve that I am excited to release

Do you have your own music video, channel or playlist you’d like to share?

Do you have music on streaming? What’s you main streaming channel to send people to?

Where is the main place should people go to find out more about you?

What other sites/profiles should people go to to find out more about you?

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We’re done! Anything else you want to share before we go?

We are about to change the perception of UK rap, it’s more than a popularity contest

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