UK Open Mic

Afia Lorraine

Meet East London-born UK Open Mic performer Afia Lorraine:

Afia Lorraine

Hi Afia Lorraine, thanks for joining us! Let’s get into it:

Do you play solo only, or also in a group?


How old are you?


Where were you born?

East London

Where did you grow up?

East London

How did that place influence your music? (if at all!)

Over the years, the green spaces in London have inspired my music. London is a vibrant and busy city- It’s easy to get drawn into a rushed routine. So, I like to write about embracing the silent moments of London and nature.

Where are you based now, and why?

I’m still based in East London!

What got you into making music in the first place?

We always listened to music in my family and I’ve been encouraged by them. Singing and writing was simply a natural inclination. Over the years, I took time to write songs and sing as much as possible because I enjoyed it. Every time I finished a project, I felt more inspired to try something different. Now, I’ve even added production to my skillset and I feel like it has made me more attentive musically.

What instrument/s do you play?

Singing, Piano, Guitar, Music Producer

Who would be in your top 10 musical influences, and why?

Mariah Carey- she has a great voice and really inspired me to keep singing as well as writing.

Joni Mitchell- She introduced me to folk music particularly at a time when I was learning to play guitar and song write. I think she has very natural and emotive lyrics.

Ella Fitzgerald- Listening to her along side other similar artists was like a breath of fresh air. I had a chance to learn more about Jazz and Big Band Music.

Brandy – I love her silky voice and melodic harmonies. She is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to RnB music.

Gabrielle- I like how she infuses Pop and RnB music. She keeps it simple but memorable.

Nat King Cole
Patti Griffin
JJ Heller

I’m sure there’s more but this is all I can think of right now.

Do you write your own songs?


How many years have you been writing songs for?

Around 12

What process, or processes, do you often find yourself using when you write songs?

When an idea comes to me, I either write it down or record it onto my phone. My process isn’t fixed. Sometimes I think of the melody and lyrics at the same time. On other occasions, I just have lyrics that I redraft.

How long have you been playing open mic nights?


Why did you get into playing them in the first place?

I wanted to build my confidence while performing.

What advice would you give new performers who are just starting out playing their first open mics?

Play as much as you can.

If it’s not already, are you hoping to make music your full-time career?


Do you have your own music video, channel or playlist you’d like to share?

Do you have music on streaming? What’s you main streaming channel to send people to?

Where is the main place should people go to find out more about you?


What other sites/profiles should people go to to find out more about you? (Facebook: Afia Lorraine Official) (Instagram: @afialorraine) (Twitter: Afia_lorraine)

We’re done! Anything else ou want to share before we go?

No thanks!

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