UK Open Mic

Thanks for your interest in joining our team!

We need more wonderful hosts to join our team.

You could earn £200 - £750 a month hosting our open mics.



Read below to see if you'd be a good fit for the team (training is provided, so you don't need to already be able to do all of these, just be willing to!):

A UK Open Mic host is someone who will:

  • Be approachable, warm, welcoming, supportive, respectful and polite to everyone, at all times
  • Be at the venue in good time for sign up and manage the performer sign up and checking in process
  • Be attentive to the needs of performers as they are playing (e.g. not distracted watching youtube videos on your phone whilst people are playing!)
  • Be mindful of balancing the needs of the venue, their customers and performers
  • Set up, run and pack down the full PA system (including carrying it, within the venue, between storage and the stage, setting speakers on stands and adjusting sound and EQ levels throughout the night)
  • Speak to the crowd on the mic (including introducing & thanking acts, announements [such as slot numbers] and generally building a good, supportive and inclusive atmosphere)
  • "Network" within the room as often as possible throughout the night (e.g. making and facilitating conversation with and between performers, including introducing them to each other, especially the ones on their own)
  • Accompanying performers if possible and where appropriate (e.g. on the cajon)
  • Encourage everyone in the venue to get involved in the UK Open Mic community (e.g. them playing percussion for other performers, taking [and uploading to our site] photos and videos, promoting our other nights to them, etc)
  • Be able to perform at least 30 mins-worth of material in an emergency (almost never happens, but just in case...)
  • Can commit to running the same open mic on a weekly basis (holidays and illness aside!)

In return, a UK Open Mic host gets to:

  • Earn £200 - £750 a month (mostly just having fun!)
  • Work in a live music environment
  • Connect with a lot of active performers and musicians
  • Become a trusted and respected professional in the music scene
  • Learn and improve a range of skills, including in performance, musicianship, engineering, hosting, networking, etc.
  • Get paid to play your own music (*space on the list permitting; other performers always come first!)
  • Have a lot of fun "at work"! (especially since your job is, essentially, making people feel good!)
  • Be trained and coached in hosting and engineering the nights (i.e. no prior experience needed, though it helps!)

Ready to apply?


Send us a short video (from your phone is fine) that has the following:

  • First part: pretend you're thanking a previous performer, or the host, who has just given you the mic
  • Second part: introduce yourself, what you do and your experience in music (it's cool if you're not very experienced!) along with what your goal is, as a performer
  • Third part: wrap up by introducing the next peformer (could be anyone, your favourite band or artist, whoever you want!)

We know this is a bit awkward!
(so is hosting on the mic if you're not used to it).
What we're looking for is not an Oscar-worthy performance but a little glimpse of you as a real person (not just some dry written CV history of skills and experience).
It's fine to laugh, to be tongue in cheek, to use homour; whatever you want. The less you take yourself seriously, probably the better the outcome of the video 🙂

Send the video in Facebook Messenger to Romeo Crow (click to open in Messenger)